About me

Chinou Mikimoto – a real name?
No, it’s a nickname.

Why a nickname?
I prefer to create a specific world for my blog and make a difference between this project and my private life. It is a choice.Why “Chinou Mikimoto”? Chinou is a diminutive of my name, and Mikimoto, a brand of Japanese pearls (Japan is my passion).

My age?
I was born in July 1985.

Where am I from? France (Biarritz), Italy (Udine) and Vietnam (Saïgon). My nationality is French.
Where am I live?
Bruxelles (Belgium)

What is the language of the blog?
French is my mother tong and English, but I work in Dutch, so sorry, I make mistakes in English.

Where am I work?
Ministry of Justice – First of all, in communication field, and after, in management.

Why did I start a blog?
I was waiting for a long time. To create a blog, if you want to do it well, take time. Moreover, I had many problems with the fact to show myself. I am a little paranoid when I speak about Internet, Facebook, Twitter,… I am listening a lot of stories about it. I love blogs, I am reading a number for a while. I want a space to have creative ideas, to express myself, to write (because I am journalist and novelist). It is a website where I could discuss a topic I like, and show what I can do. 2013 is the good year. I speak with a friend, she said “Do it, we have not so many tomorrows”. So I do.

When did I start it?
January 2013

Who takes my photos?
My ♥ boyfriend, of me using the self-timer, on Olympus Pen Mini E-PM1.

Who is Hanoï?
My dog, a Border Collie. Born in 2012.

Fashion is it my passion?
Not necessarily. I love shopping but… it is not all my life.

So why a blog fashion?
I wanted to create a world where I talk about the style because it is the passion of girls. Then I like to add some items that are related to art in general. For me, everything is art: photography, decoration, cooking, traveling, … Fashion is just a disguise for the rest of the game.

What are my favourite fashion magazines?
LOVE, Vogue, Vogue Japan & Italia, Dazed & Confused, Madame Figaro, ELLE Magazine, ELLE Deco, … I love books too. I read and I write a lot.

Who are my favourite designers?
Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen, blablablabla.

Who are my favourite fashion photographers?
Amateur Photographers

What are my favourite blogs?
The Blonde Salad, Style of Song by Aimée Song, thisisnthappiness.com, fuckyouverymuch.dk, Convoy Tumblr, Expensivelife Tumblr, Lucie fashion coach, Paul Smith’s blog, Diglee, Le Blog de Betty, Elin Kling, Kayture, Garance Doré, The Satorialist, …

My favourite colour:
It is not a colour: black


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